Where are they now? – Olivia Davis

Where are they now?

Olivia Davis shares her story of how the Coyotes Field Hockey Club led her to her career path!


As a member of the Coyotes Field Hockey Club, I had the opportunity to spend my spring break in New Mexico in 2014 and 2015. This was an amazing volunteering experience, as we taught field hockey to the elementary and middle school kids at the Taos Day School in the Taos Pueblo. It was amazing to witness the power of sports to bring people together and put a smile on so many kids faces and they learned how to hit a ball for the first time.

This experience was not only inspiring but a great chance to explore a completely new landscape. It left me wanting to go back to New Mexico to see what new opportunities may be in store there. As a chemistry major, research experience is very important, and when I saw that the University of New Mexico had a Research Experience for Undergraduates program, I had to apply. This program is one of the top nano-bio-materials science and engineering research programs in the country. After getting accepted into the program, I was offered a position in the Brinker lab for the project “Engineering Immunogenic Nanoparticles for Chemotherapy”. Not only was I able to do some amazing research, I made some great friends and connections as well as exploring some amazing new places. Thanks to the Coyotes, I was inspired to really venture out and do something new and amazing. I plan on continuing my education and earning my PhD in chemistry and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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